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2018 Enduro Regs Revised Sep 28, 2018


Code of Conduct

CKRC Code of Conduct


Rules & Regulations

2018 CKRC Supplemental Regulations
2018 ASN Canada FIA Karting Sporting Regulations (Book 1)
2018 ASN Canada FIA Karting Technical Regulations (Book 2)
2018 ASN Canada FIA Briggs & Stratton – Regulations
RMC Sporting: 2018 Rotax Sporting Regulations
RMC Technical: 2018 Rotax Technical Regulations
RMC 2018 Technical Regulations Appendix for 125 Mini Max and Micro Max Amendment



ASN English Annual Parental Consent Waiver

ASN Medical Examination Form

CKRC Gate Access Policies

Proxy Voting Ballot


Practice Supervisor

2018 CKRC Practice Supervisor Course

2018 CKRC Practice Supervisor Test


Try A Kart

2018 Try A Kart Brochure


Kid Kart

2018 Kid Kart Brochure