2020 Class roll call/discussion

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2020 Class roll call/discussion

Post by Jackmazury »

2020 is looking to be another healthy year for this class at ckrc. The roster and engines so far appears to be as follows:

Jake Thompson (ROK)
Joey Guyon (?)
Nathan Bartley (KZ)
Jack Mazury (KZ)
Carter Gibson (KZ)
James Altamirano (ROK)
Connor Peet (ICC?)
Ryan carruthers (ROK)
Gerhard roets (KZ)
John kwong (KZ)
Rob white? (KZ)
Peter sammon (KZ)
Mark hillier (KZ)
Adam hammer (KZ)
Alan Haggerty (KZ)
Kevin Canning (ROK)
Levi Schmidtke (KZ 395)
Chris Patterson (KZ 395)

Anyone else I’m missing? As well are there any pressing matters anyone feels need discussing for the coming year? Please post below if so.

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Re: 2020 Class roll call/discussion

Post by newson48 »

I might do one race/miss a bunch of shifts again this year.

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