Weight of a 4 stroke kart

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Weight of a 4 stroke kart

Post by cm2018 »

This is my first year karting and I’ve been out doing T&Ts and would like to start going into races. I’m not sure how much weight to add to my kart and figured someone here would probably be able to help. I’m in the Sr Briggs light (340lbs) and currently weigh around 140lbs. I have a 2016 k&k 4 stroke chassis with a Briggs engine on it. How much would my kart likely weigh? Where is a good place to buy extra weight to add?


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Re: Weight of a 4 stroke kart

Post by Jackmazury »

The kart should weigh about 160 pounds give or take. I would scale the kart and yourself and then see how much lead needs to be added.
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Re: Weight of a 4 stroke kart

Post by phil »

I would be guessing you're going to need around 30lbs. The helmet and gear will likely add around 12 lbs or so. I probably have some extra lead right now. As Jack said, it's best to start by putting it across the scale with you and all your gear, then the calculation is easy.


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