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Jen and Don
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Kart Numbers

Post by Jen and Don » Wed May 09, 2018 6:43 pm

Could someone please help us with the regulation size of numbers on karts? I have looked in the regulation book but can't seem to find any mention of size. We are assuming they should be 6 inch tall. Please advise.

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Re: Kart Numbers

Post by pauldeadman » Wed May 09, 2018 9:19 pm


Go to the downloads section on the main page.

ASN - Tech book 2. paragraph 8.26 discussed kart numbers.

The club has not enforced this to the max although Fred has stipulated rules in the forum for numbers.

Kart Numbers !!

Members are to go to MSR and register their required number (If you held the number last year you automatically are considered the owner of that number this year.

What ever number you have must stay with you throughout the season ... If you buy a Kart with a different number you must change it to your number.

Only real numbers (2) will be accepted as passing tech (No US Numbering allowed (Letters) No tape no sharpie numbers allowed)

Ideally they should follow ASN in Measurements and colours (Yellow background black numbers) although the club regulations allow for different colour combinations if it can not be read easily from the tower it will be deemed to fail Tech. Colour's should contrast to be visible.

Front .. Rear ... and both sides must have a legible number .... You may be refused entry to the Pre Grid if it is deemed that they can not be read.


Hope that helps.

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