Try a kart program - Help needed

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Try a kart program - Help needed

Post by pauldeadman » Mon Jun 04, 2018 12:16 pm

Not sure how to word this without it turning into a full blown rant but here I go.....

This program is the future of the club, I'm sure we can all see that, but without the proper support its not going work.

We had 5 volunteers yesterday and one of those was a 10 year old kid. Its impossible to run the scheduled sessions on time with that support.

Phil and Alan running around trying to be in 5 places at once, its a joke and cant continue in my humble opinion.

The sessions were almost 2 hours behind schedule. Apart from making for a long day for us, the paying public are there for almost 4 hours. That's ridiculous.

I have 2 proposals -

1. A minimum of 10 volunteers per event or the day gets cancelled. I know the try a kart volunteer hours are mandatory but that needs to added too. We was there for almost 12 hours yesterday!!

2. The track needs a cut through piece so the kids have a smaller circuit to drive. This can and should be done ASAP.

Look at Edmonton, they don't have any Junior 1s and that's not healthy for the club.

The work that Phil, Steve and Alan put into this beyond words. They are taken advantage of and a simple thank you at the banquet is not good enough. They need support on the try a kart days or the club wont be around for too long.

Sorry for the Monday rant but it would have been a lot worse had I sent it last night :)


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Re: Try a kart program - Help needed

Post by phil » Tue Jun 05, 2018 7:50 pm

Sunday was (from the volunteer side) a disaster. From the customer side, I believe most went away happy, and some have already expressed interest in joining the club. We managed to keep most of the clients within the three hours Steve tells them to allow, with the exception of the last group, which was closer to four (three for the ones that arrived at 3:00).
I have to say a huge thank you to those that did help out this weekend, several on both days, as both Saturday and Sunday had some challenges.
Sunday we had a total of eight volunteers, but can't function to any degree without at minimum nine, or ten to have any chance if something goes bad. And it did.
Saturday started with a crash, and a kart that required a lot of extra work (thanks Joey for letting us come for a visit Saturday night). Bent axle, bent column, bent spindle, and a bent Chassis.
We also found out on Saturday that Motorsportreg had given us a few surprises, so we had a panic to try to get enough karts functional to accommodate the increase.
We also had a cadet kart that suddenly wouldn't keep it's chain on, and after several unsuccessful attempts at repair, it remained off duty.
Also on Saturday's last run, we had too many XXL drivers, so needed to split the group further, putting us late finishing Saturday, and leaving little time for Sunday prep, as we had to get a chassis straightened.
Sunday we had more Motorsportreg surprises, so we had more drivers, and less help. Without enough help I was needed on grid with kid karts, and on track while they were running, which left no time to prep any other karts, starting a chain reaction gradually falling farther and farther behind. We ended up with all of our available cadets being used, but had to adjust seating and pedals on virtually all of them, and also had more J2 drivers than karts, so we added one of our karts to fill the gap. Then something that doesn't happen very often happened, and the J1 cadets, and J2's were vastly different in lap times, so we had to further split the group, adding more time to our day. Then came the Seniors, where we also ran out of properly sized karts, and added another of ours to the fleet.
I believe the last of the customers finished around 6:00, and I think I left around 7:30- 8:00.

In the first three Try A Karts there has been a total of 21 different people helping , with many of them doing more than one day, out of a club of close to 200. There is a total of 27 names on the motorsportreg site for the entire 7 dates. Please register now, so we don't have to start turning clients away. There is also lots that can be done between events if someone wants to help with maintenance, but I will not be going to the track every night to pull a kart out for somebody, so it will need to be organized.


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Re: Try a kart program - Help needed

Post by SteveO » Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:44 am

Just a huge thanks to those volunteers that made it out this past weekend!!!
We were feeling the pain, but from the responses I've gotten from the attendees, we still managed to pull off a great event, and quite a few people are now searching for karts.

BUT we need help to continue to make this a success going forward, as I'm feeling burnt out already, and it's only our first real Try A Kart of the year.

The Saturday June 23 TAK date is sold out, but we still need 6 more volunteers to make this happen.

I will not be there on the 23rd, so I need someone to step up & volunteer to teach the classroom portion. I will provide the Powerpoint presentation.
Please email me at steveorton @ if you want to take on this task.

The Try A Kart program has played a huge role in the growth of our club, but it's success depends on the the club supporting our endeavours.
Stephen Orton
Try A Kart Coordinator

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Re: Try a kart program - Help needed

Post by Mark » Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:34 pm


As discussed on Sunday, I will take home the kart with the broken floorpan tab, weld it; clean and service the clutch, change oil, clean chain, etc.

We just need to connect so I can get it from you....
Mark Hillier #44

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Re: Try a kart program - Help needed

Post by Jackmazury » Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:49 am

Phil I can help with the prep outside of try a kart days. I’m there for every test and tune and am fine missing driving on a few of them to help out. You can contact me at 587-832-4551 and we can discuss it further if interested.
6 gears is better than 1

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