Heads up some changes in ASN regs 2021

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Heads up some changes in ASN regs 2021

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There are some changes in the new ASN 2021 regulations that will be posted shortly .. here are just 4 changes that will effect you . One I'm sure you will like the others not so much .. the one you will like first.
1. Drivers are allowed to warm tires on the rolling lap up until the formation line .. reckless scrubbing can however be penalized.
2. A driver may make his way back to his starting position up until the formation line at which point drivers must allow them to take a position at the point they reached (not allowing a driver in is a penalty infraction
3. Any part of the activation of the push back bumper is an automatic 5 place penalty (Only has to be one side now)
4.Dynamic Kart Steering systems (DKS) are banned

Once the regs are finalized they will be posted in downloads for you all to read.

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