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Hey all: This affects the minimax field more than the Jr. field but I do want feedback.

I have spoken to Fred about this and there are two schools of thought. Please let me know which one you prefer. My goal is to get consensus rather than a unanimous decision.

Option 1:

Split the grids with a 5-10 second space. We did this Sunday and it worked well, however Fred did raise some concerns in that re-starts are not very practical. He suggested option 2:

Option 2:

Combine the grids (Jr. in front, Mini in back) where positions are set by either qualifying time or pre-final finishing position. A Jr. that qualifies slower than a Mini would be at the back of the Jr. field (ahead of the Mini group). The start would be a single formation of the two classes.

A couple of questions come up that also need to be answered:

1. What is the procedure for the Mini field if there are an odd number of Jr. drivers? Does pole take the even spot? Is that last Jr. spot left open? Does the second place mini move up to fill the void?

2. Where are the Jr. rookies placed? At the back of the entire grid or at the back of the Jr. grid?

I am hoping to get this resolved in the next couple of days as this will set the procedure for the remainder of the season. Please add any thoughts or comments that may not have been considered.



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