Jr Rotax 2017 Season

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Jr Rotax 2017 Season

Post by franksartor »

Hi everyone, I am starting this thread to encourage some discussion on the upcoming 2017 Jr Rotax Season.

We are looking for someone to take on the Class rep role, the description of the role is posted in the Pit Talk forum. As a note all class reps time will be counted towards their 2017 volunteer hours.
Franco Sartor
President CKRC

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Re: Jr Rotax 2017 Season

Post by Erin »

Wondering who is in this class as well and how many kids will be regularly racing. COnnor Peet will be.

Gil & James
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Re: Jr Rotax 2017 Season

Post by Gil & James »

James Altamirano #8 will be joining the Junior Rotax class this year. It will be Fun!

All the Best,

Gil M. Altamirano

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