Kid Kart and the Jr 1 Driver Development Camp

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Kid Kart and the Jr 1 Driver Development Camp

Post by Mark » Mon May 08, 2017 9:40 am

The question has been asked if a Kid Karter (running the Formula Kid Kart Spec) can attend the Junior 1 Driver Development Camp.

In the interest of putting this out there for others who may have questions about this, I'm posting here.

The short answer is that no, a Kid Karter cannot attend the camp.

The camp is intended for Junior 1 drivers (cadet chassis, green slide) who can turn a lap of approximately 1:20 or better. This is to ensure that most campers are of at least a certain comfort level with the speeds involved. Also, there are insurance issues with regard to the Kid Kart membership so campers have to have a Junior 1 race membership for us to be covered.

The goal of the camp is to improve young drivers' confidence through attention to various skills (lines, threshold braking, etc) and the more that attend, the better. However, we already find it quite challenging to accommodate the breadth of ability levels we see given the constraints we currently have in place.

If that sounds like Kid Kart, it does !If you were to look at Kid Kart in comparison to the camp, you will notice that the camp is really just a condensed, higher speed version of the Kid Kart program. One of the reasons Kid Kart is so successful is that being just once a week, it lets the little ones slowly become comfortable with speed without overwhelming them with heaps of information all at once.

If you would like to try and ramp-up your Kid Karter to a point where they could attend the camp, please mention that to me at a Kid Kart session and I will make a point of watching your driver on track and give feedback on his/her suitability.
Mark Hillier #44

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