2018 Kid Kart Program (Preliminary)

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2018 Kid Kart Program (Preliminary)

Post by Hillbilly » Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:37 am

At long last, I have put together the 2018 Kid Kart Program (some of the dates may be subject to change).

What is Kid Kart?
Kid Kart is a safe, non-competitive introduction to karting for 5 - 11 year old kids. Instruction is provided; the program teaches kids how to navigate the track safely, the racing line is introduced, and kart control is emphasized.
• 3 Monday evenings per month (May – September) weather permitting.
• Karts on track from 5:00PM – 6:00PM.
• 15 minute track sessions (Kid Kart / Formula Kid Kart Alternate)
• BBQ supper break / discussion / track setup.
• Corner drills, braking, coaching 6:15 – dusk.
• Try-A-Kid Kart Introductory Sessions – 1 - 2 Wednesday evenings per month (May – August) weather permitting
o $105 per night includes 1-on-1 instruction, GX35 Kid Kart and all Safety Gear
o Run by Kid Kart parents
o Opportunities for Kid Kart / Formula Kid Kart practice sessions for members.
• Race weekends, Kid Karters have access to the track during the lunch break.

What’s new for 2018?
• Mandatory Neck Protection
• Kids up to 11 can take part in Formula Kid Kart as an alternative to racing.
• Parent involvement at Kid Kart Try-A-Kart is mandatory – there will be a schedule.
o Each parent must volunteer to run one rental night.
o Each parent must volunteer to assist at one rental night.
o Running / Assisting on a rental night takes priority over getting your kid into his kart.
• The last night of the year will be run as a Time Attack.

2 Classes of Kid Karters:
Kid Kart
• Any child 5 – 7 year old can take part in this tried and true run group.
• Kid Kart chassis with a Honda GX35 or GX35 clone 4 stroke engine.
• Gearing, tires, brakes are open.
Formula Kid Kart
• Open to any child 6 years old with at least 1 year of kid kart experience.
• Open to any child 7 – 11 years old with demonstrated ability.
• Cadet (Junior 1 Chassis) with a Briggs LO206 engine with a purple slide in the carb or equivalently tuned Honda.
• Gearing, weight, brakes are open. Tires are open (VEGA Blues are NOT permitted).
• Kids 8 – 11 are eligible to Race in JR1 and take part in Formula Kid Kart.

2018 Kid Kart Schedule:

Monday Nights:
May 7, 14, 21*
June 4, 11, 18
July 2*,9, 23
August 6*, 13, 20
Sept 3*, 17, 24
* Statutory Holidays

Wednesday Nights:
May 16
May 30
June 27
July 18
August 8
August 29

Monday Nights vs. Wednesday Nights:

Monday Nights are regular Kid Kart / Formula Kid Kart (FKK) Nights
~4:00 to 6:00 Free Lapping with Alternating 15 minute Run Groups
6:00 BBQ Dinner provided by family of week.
6:15 On Track Discussion
6:30 FKK Run Group
6:45 Kid Kart Run Group
7:00 FKK Run Group
7:15 Kid Kart Run Group
7:30 FKK Run Group
7:45 Kid Kart Run Group
8:00 Close Gates, Clean Up, Shut Down Facility

Wednesday Nights are Kid Kart Try-A-Kart Nights (Rental Nights)

2 Kid Kart / FKK Parents each Wednesday will set up the Rental Karts and Gear
• Bring Karts out of Sea Can
• Check Tire Pressure
• Fuel Karts
• Assign renters to a kart that fits them
• Ensure renters have properly fitting safety gear
• Go over braking, throttle with renters in pits
• Assist with renters on track
• Put away Try-A-Kart Gear at end of night

~4:00 - 6:00 Free Lapping with Alternating 15 minute Run Groups
6:00 – 6:30 BBQ Dinner provided for kids not on track.
6:00 First session for Renters
6:20 FKK Run group
6:35 Renters / Kid Kart Run Group
6:55 FKK Run group
7:10 Renters / Kid Kart Run Group
7:30 FKK Run group
7:45 Optional renter / Kid Kart Run Group
8:00 Close Gates, Clean Up, Shut Down Facility
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