Enduro 2019 newbie advice?

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Enduro 2019 newbie advice?

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I look forward to running enduro for first time this year using a Briggs Kart. Alonso is not busy that weekend and has agreed to join our team so he can win another prestigious championship before going to NASCAR. I’d like to avoid the McLaren Indy car fiasco. Any advice on number of drivers, length of stints, tires, pressures? Do we really need a 3rd driver? Should we dump the high torque Briggs and switch to VLR for reliability?

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Re: Enduro 2019 newbie advice?

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Basically, you want to do as few pitstops as possible and fuel consumption is the limiter. I can't remember how many laps a briggs kart will do on a full tank but that is what you shoot for as far as pit stops are concerned. The chain should last without issue as long as there is no master link used. Two drivers should work but it depends on their experience. If they are relatively new, I would go with 3 drivers. Tire pressures for Vega Greens 12 front 14 rear and they should last the whole race easily. The VLR is an interesting prospect as it will be reliable and should need fewer pitstops than a Rotax would and the battery is not an issue on a VLR.

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