Practice on May 18-20 weekend

Check here before heading to the track. Race information such as cancellations, supplemental rule requirements and track bookings are posted here. Going to the track for a T&T ? Post it here !
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Practice on May 18-20 weekend

Post by Scott Campbell » Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:11 pm


I was speaking to Fred about practicing at the CKRC track on the May 18-20 weekend. He said it would be best to post on here as there needs to be an approved person at the track while anyone is practicing. I have a few people that would like my help at the track that weekend working on some coaching and tuning of karts which includes Tim Green one of the CKRC current members. I am just wanting to confirm that this will work and that someone would be able to be at the track that is an approved person by the CKRC. I am trying to plan ahead as some people need to make plans for it. Please let me know if this would work as soon as possible. Thanks.

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