Junior VLR 100 2 STROKE

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Junior VLR 100 2 STROKE

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For 2020 the junior 100 VLR motor will be available for those who are 11 but turn 12 that racing year. This is a 2 stroke motor with medium power (More than a Briggs less than a Rotax) affordable at $2300 Cdn complete. This motor fits to a full size frame which you will need when jumping from Junior 1 to Junior 2.
The seniors ran 1 set of Vega Green tires, 1 Chain and 1 sprocket set all year.
To be eligible to win ROK the RIO Seats you must have turned 12 by Nov 3 2020.

If this is something that you may be considering as the next step up contact Joey Guyon at Overdrive MS for details or call me 403 305 9170 for any questions or further information.

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