Warm up and Quali

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Re: Warm up and Quali

Post by pauldeadman » Tue May 31, 2016 10:08 pm

I agree with Fred, we don't need a pre qualifying session.

A meeting to clear the air and set things straight. We all want the kids driving in safe conditions. I'm sure common sense will prevail.


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Re: Warm up and Quali

Post by allenberg1 » Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:29 am

I suggest gridding for both practice and qualifying by current championship order for the following reasons:

1 more experienced drivers start at the front and can run initial laps in both sessions without traffic
2 less experienced drivers feel less pressure to set a fast time in 1st practice
3 less chance of a faster driver trying to pass slower karts in order to establish a fast time in first practice or qualifying
4 the less experienced drivers have a chance to follow what is likely a faster driver to improve their driving performance
5 if there is a handling / mechanical issue or transponder failure in the first practice (or if Brian forgets to install the transponder :o ) then does not prejudice the drivers grid position for qualifying
5 no rush to get to the grid early :D

*Rookies continue to start at the back for first practice, optional for qualifying - might be good to give then experience to run where their performance merits.

However this will require that we have updated championship points prior to each event.

Ive seen this work well in other series.


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Re: Warm up and Quali

Post by franksartor » Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:34 am

Hi Everyone,

Looks like the majority consensus is that we want to have some sort of gridding by lap times - for safety reasons. Using the Championship order as the bench mark won't work for the faster drivers that have missed a race or two. The best predictor of the future is the most recent past. So lets use the last race (CKRC #4) posted times as the gridding order. Any new drivers we can use their latest Micron times. For qualifying we will separate the drivers by 2 seconds so that drafting will not be an issue. So if we are in agreement the grinding order for this weekend CKRC#5 Practice and Quali will be:

CKRC Practice Quali Order as at June 17, 2016

Order # Kart # Driver name latest time
1 12 Enzo Sartor 1:03.884 CKRC #4 Final
2 21 Kiefer Peet 1:03.920 CKRC #4 Final
3 68 Alexander Berg 1:04.063 CKRC #4 Final
4 97 Nicolas Taylor 1:04.088 CKRC #4 Final
5 120 Aidan Carruthers 1:04.396 CKRC #4 Final
6 11 Nikolas Ruhrmann 1:05.473 CKRC #4 Final
7 88 Jonathan Howe 1:05.529 CKRC #4 Final
8 9 Matthew Chan (R) 1:05.583 CKRC #4 Final
9 30 George Deadman 1:07.171 CKRC #4 Final
10 24 Matthew Hanna (R) 1:07.364 CKRC #4 Final
11 22 Alex Hillier 1:07.540 CKRC #4 Final
12 18 Austin Wolf 1:09.621 CKRC #4 Final
13 7 Zachary Taylor (R) 1:11.111 CKRC #4 Final
14 2 Matthias Boschmann (R) 1:11.876 CKRC #4 Final


Frank Sartor
Frank Sartor
President CKRC

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