Alberta Challenge

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Alberta Challenge

Post by allenberg1 » Thu Jun 09, 2016 5:37 am

Hi Everyone

I see that so far there are only 3 Calgary Jr 1 participants registered for this weekends Alberta Challenge event.

As I mentioned in a post in the General section the forecast is much improved for the weekend (weather network).

Probably only rain on Saturday.

We are getting very impressive J1 fields in Calgary, it is so nice to see the new faces as well as the ones that have been racing for a season to have improved so much - and continue to do so. We are now one of the biggest classes in CKRC, with great racing throughout the field. Lets work together to continue to build this momentum.

If the kids stay warm and dry on Saturday then they will be fine - rain tires, rain suit, rubber gloves, rubber boots, umbrella and hot chocolate. Further it teaches them control in slippery conditions that will serve them in later years when they start to drive on the road.

By the way - we are going to be running the summer camp in rain or dry...

So don't let one day of potential rain on Saturday hold you back. Lets support this event and hopefully we will have some more EDKRA members join us for our events later this year.


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