Junior one Enduro 2017

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Junior one Enduro 2017

Post by pauldeadman » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:07 pm

Hi all,

I just posted this in the Enduro tab on the main page, please have a think and let me know via that thread.


George will be entering the Enduro for the first time and I was wondering how it worked. I cut and paste this from the regs:

. The winners of each Enduro class will be deemed to be the kart that has completed the most number of laps in the time allocated in their class. Each subsequent position will be taken on total laps completed after the winner has been declared in descending order. Once checkered flag is shown to a driver scoring stops

With the talent level pretty much equal amongst the J1s this year, barring any incidents, they should all complete the same amount of laps, so it just turns into a longer race with 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

I'm opening up this thread for ideas on how to make it a bit more fun for them.....

I will start by offering -

1. Blind pairs. Team mates are picked randomly from the entries by Fred or another responsible adult. The teams are kept secret until the banquet. Winning teams will be based on best combined total laps and lap times. Any other possibilities??

2. Team mates, Fred or another responsible adult will pick randomly from the entries and make teams of 2. The drivers will find out who their team mate is at the drivers meeting. Set a winning number for laps to be completed with each driver having a minimum of 20 mins on track. 1 or more pit stops allowed. First team to hit the winning laps within the 60 mins of track time? or 80 mins time to be determined. This will give them a good bonding experience with each other and someone to cheer on from the stands. They will compete in their own karts. Rules to be decided. Team mates could also be based on final championship positions? 1st and 12th (last), 2nd and 11th etc etc

Please have a think and offer up something to make this a different day of racing for the kids.

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