Karting is a thrilling and rewarding sport. It appeals to those with various personal objectives and whether you are looking to drive fast and have a good time, or view karting as the first step in a racing career, the Calgary Kart Racing Club has a place for you. Regardless of your objectives, you will find, as in any new sport or activity, karting has its unique challenges and complexities.

The Calgary Kart Racing Club is the only organization in Southern Alberta which promotes and organizes kart racing at its own track, North Star Raceway. The CKRC is dedicated to introducing new participants to the sport. CKRC operates under rigid safety and technical guidelines mandated by the governing body ASN Canada FIA.

So… feel the need for speed, but how do you go about it ?

1. Try It !

The CKRC hosts a very successful “Try a Kart” program where, for a nominal fee, anyone 5 or older can try a full-on race kart -with all the safety equipment, instruction and coaching provided. We aren’t talking about some dumded-down machines with hockey pucks for tires; these are the same grade of equipment we race -with proper racing compound slick tires and unrestricted motors.

Download the brochure here. Book early, these sell out fast as space is limited.

2. Become a CKRC Member

We have varying levels of membership available. Just want to come out and drive your kart on our track ? We have a membership for you. Wanna race ? We definitely have a membership for you !

– Annual membership dues include the following:

  1. Voting privileges at regularly scheduled club meetings reviewing current issues related to club administration, regulations and North Star Raceway operations.
  2. Unlimited access to North Star Raceway for practice during operating hours,
  3. Free racing school, graduates of this school are qualified to make application for kart racing licenses.

3. Select the class that is right for you.

Classes are determined by driver age, weight, engine size and type. There are 2 broad categories of race classes: 4-Stroke & 2-Stroke.

4-Stroke Classes

The 4-cycle classes are the most cost effective form of kart racing and are where the majority of new drivers begin racing. 4-Stroke motors are similar to the engines found in a road car but typically with less power and  ‘snap’ than the 2-Strokes. 4-Stroke karts are generally simpler and less expensive to acquire and maintain with, for example, a typical 4-stroke racer using perhaps only 2 sets of tires per season. Being less powerful (typically 5.5hp (Junior 1 class) to ~9hp (Senior 4-Stroke), they demand clean lines and smooth driving and force the driver to develop good driving habits.

2-Stroke Classes

2-Stroke classes provide faster, more physically demanding racing with technically more advanced equipment. As the saying goes: “Speed costs; how fast can you afford to go ?”, 2-Strokes provide more power, acceleration and performance -at a cost. In a TAG (Touch-And-Go) class such as Rotax, a competitive racer in Senior Rotax would typically use a set of tires every 2-3 races; and a shifter might use a set of tires every race.