Track Records

This page provides the track records for CKRC racers at the Strathmore Motorsports Park facility.

All official records are set during qualifying/races excluding morning warm-up, subject to official timing, weight, and technical rules.

2020 Track Layout

Last Update: 2022-09-24
ClassDriverLap TimeTrack DirectionDate
Briggs & Stratton CadetAhmad Jawed1:01.184CCW2021-08-14
Harrison Jeffery1:01.481CW2022-09-10
Briggs & Stratton JuniorGeorge Deadman1:01.834CCW2021-07-23
Boss Patel1:01.755CW2022-06-25
Briggs & Stratton SeniorMatthew Chan1:00.473CCW2021-07-24
Paul Galecki1:00.291CW2021-09-19
Briggs & Stratton MastersLee Rivey1:01.763CCW2022-08-28
Brahm Trim / Lee Rivey1:01.941CW2022-06-25 / 2022-09-10
Rotax JuniorAidan Carruthers52.282CCW2021-07-25
Boss Patel53.063CW2022-09-10
Rotax SeniorJames Altamirano51.878CCW2021-07-25
Mark Newson51.586CW2022-09-10
Rotax MastersJohn Kwong53.202CCW2021-08-15
John Kwong53.153CW2020-09-12
ShifterJames Altamirano50.862CCW2022-07-22
James Altamirano50.232CW2022-07-10
VLR JuniorMyles Johnson57.409CCW2022-06-11
Lane Neergaard55.910CW2022-09-24
VLR SeniorMark Hillier54.948CCW2022-08-28
Cyrus Pischke54.505CW2022-07-10
VLR MastersJohn Kwong55.269CCW2021-07-24
John Kwong55.392CW2022-07-10

Previous Years and Layouts

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