2024 Membership, RVF, and Waiver Registration is Open

All of the 2024 membership-related events are now open for registration at MotorsportsReg.

This includes the following ‘events’ we use to track these things and collect dues for.

  • 2024 Membership – for adult, minor, and non-driving members
  • 2024 Refundable Volunteer Fee (RVF) – one for each adult member or family
  • 2024 Waivers – for anyone wishing to enter a restricted area (pre-grid, track). Minor’s waivers need to be signed by both parents/guardians.

Members are encouraged to renew their memberships before last year’s expire on March 31.

Lifetime & Gold members: the club has taken care of this for your memberships and RVF. Please complete your waiver.

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We are a Racing Club with owner drivers ... we are not a rental facility