North of 49 – FAQ

How does the “ain’t over till it’s over” format actually work?

The concept of the event is that the winner is determined by their consistent performance throughout the weekend, kind of like a series within one event. The winner of the Final on Sunday is not necessarily the winner of their North of 49 Karting Championship class. Here is how it works:

Race positions for Friday will be determined by pea pick and each racer will experience a front, middle and back of grid position to start each race. The pea pick will be performed by the event scoring staff and is not up for debate.

The races Saturday will also count towards the final points tally but we wanted to switch up the format to keep the racers on their toes and keep the racing interesting for racers and spectators. On Saturday we will use the Rok racing format which is a 6 lap race, 10 lap race and a 12 lap race. The difference for this year is that your success will be punished. The better you do the further back you will start for the next race based on your total points accumulated so far. All starting positions for each race/heat or final will be determined by inverting grids based on least points at the front and most points starting at the rear. All of these races count for the final tally of who wins the N49 event.

Sunday will have longer races that also count towards the final points tally; a Pre-Final and a Final. Also for this race day success will mean you start further back for each race. All starting positions for each race/heat or final will be determined by inverting grids based on least points at the front and most points starting at the rear. The competitor with the most points will be the winner of their North of 49 Karting Championship class.

Point system:

The Final on Sunday will count for Double Points. At the end, the driver with the most points is the winner of their North of 49 Karting Championship class.
All races after the pea-pick heats on Friday will be gridded by total points accumulated by each competitor and set by an inversion with fewest points on pole.

Festival atmosphere – what is that about?

We want to make the N49 an annual event that will attract spectators and sponsors so the whole family will enjoy their time at the facility.
There will be a Saturday evening meal ticket included with entry for the driver and meal tickets available for purchase for the rest of the family or race crew. Fork and Farm Catering will be supplying the gourmet meal.
There will also be a beer garden and possibly food trucks.

There will be an announcer?

Blair Robertshaw who has done several events in the past for the CKRC will be manning the microphone to give the spectators play by play commentating. As well, Mike Wright will be doing some Social Media broadcasts on the CKRC Facebook page which will be driver interviews and man in the paddock interviews as well.

Is there a minimum size for a class?

We expect all classes to be well attended, so this shouldn’t be an issue. So far there has been a good response to the event by many competitors and teams.

Will classes be combined together in run groups?

We expect that the combined classes will be:
  • Junior VLR/Junior Rotax
  • Shifter Senior/Masters
  • VLR Senior/Masters

Each class will be scored separately but run together on track as shown above.

How do I register?

All race entry registration will be done through CKRC’s portal:
You must be a member of an ASN Canada Karting Club. If not, there is a $90 non-member fee added to the race entry fees.
We are also collecting driver profiles for the announcer and fans. Please help and take a moment to complete your profile when you register:


When does registration open and close?

Registration is now open and will close Thursday July 21 at 1:00 p.m.

Late registrations may be accepted with a $50 late fee. Late entries will start each of Friday’s heats from the back of the grid.

Practice is on Thursday and Friday?

Yes. North of 49 practice sessions will be run by the CKRC Test & Tune (T&T) Supervisors. Racers registered for the event will be welcome to practice. T&T will follow all procedures used during the regular (bi-weekly) CKRC T&T sessions. Unofficial practice sessions will be untimed. The scales will be open for all participants. Exact start and end times for practice will be announced. The track will be closed to all karts following the scheduled T&T on Tuesday July 19th.

Will the facility be open for practice on Saturday evening?

No, the track surface will be closed for the evening. Participants are encouraged to join in the meal and mix in the beer garden tent.

What about Scrutineering & Technical Inspection?

Tech for the practice sessions will be completed by the Test & Tune staff who will focus on safety inspections. T&T staff will issue a wrist band to be worn for the entire event.

Pre-Race Technical Inspection will be completed in the Tech building by the event Technical Delegate and staff. This can be completed on Thursday or Friday. Karts without inspection stickers will not be permitted on-track after 3pm on Friday.

Post-Race Technical Inspections will be completed in the Tech building. Inspections conducted will be at the discretion of the event technical delegate.

Tire registration and use … how will this work?

At Pre-Race Tech each competitor will declare the 6 dry tires they will use for all North of 49 Karting Championship runs. Mixing of brands is not allowed.
Tire barcodes will be scanned at this declaration and after each run.

What are the Dry tires again and where do I get them?

All classes will use the same tires as for any CKRC club race as per the CKRC Supplemental Regulations.

For the Shifter classes, if you wish to go for the prize package use LeVanto tires.

Tires will be available from the usual suppliers that support the CKRC — Overdrive Motorsports and K&K West

Maximum of 6 dry tires (3 fronts, 3 rears) to be declared and taken to Tech on Friday so they can be scanned.

What about Wet tires?

Wet tires are open to any brand and compound.

Is there accommodation on-site or in town?

On-site dry camping will be available and the spots will be near the West fence.

The official accommodation partner of the CKRC is the Travelodge Strathmore. Mention “LKGK” when booking to receive our preferred rate on a Standard Room.

In the event that our partner hotel is full, Strathmore has a number of other hotels just a short drive from the track.

Paddock space: reservations, rentals?

Many of our members have reserved pit spaces but we have a very large paddock area (10 acres) with lots of room for visiting racers. CKRC members that cannot attend will be making their pit spaces available for guests.

Please contact [email protected] with your space requirements. Anybody showing up without prior arrangements will receive space on a best effort basis.

When can we ‘move in’?

Move in will start on Thursday morning.

Spec Fuel?

The spec gas station is the CO-OP gas station at the east end of Strathmore.
100 Edgefield Gate, Strathmore, AB T1P 1K1.

Premium fuel is required for all classes except Shifter.

Please use our member number when buying fuel. Member # 1050782.

On-Site Food?

The CKRC BBQ Shack will be providing breakfast and lunch each day.


We use the AMB/MyLaps scoring system. Competitors will need to use an AMB transponder to be scored for the event. The CKRC does not rent transponders.

Reserved Kart Numbers?

The CKRC number database will take precedence. The majority of the racers will be from Alberta and have registered for a number on this database. Racers can see available numbers at CKRC Race Number Reservation.

Are there Event Regulations?

Event regulations will be published prior to the event. In the meantime, we believe that the event will use the CKRC Club Regulations, amended to include changes required for tires. 

My question is not here, who do I ask?

Any additional questions can be directed to our event coordinators at [email protected]. If it becomes frequently asked we will update this list.


We are a Racing Club with owner drivers ... we are not a rental facility