Junior Driver Development Program

CKRC will be operating a 3 day Junior Kart Program at Northstar Raceway July 9,10 & 11 (Monday – Wednesday)
This program will operate 9AM – 4PM daily, with a short break for lunch. You can register here CKRC Jr Driver Development Camp Registration Link

The main purpose of this program is to improve driving/safety/awareness for existing CKRC or other affiliated club Junior drivers that are competent in driving their karts. In order to get the most from this camp, your driver should be able to lap the Northstar Raceway in approximately 1:20 or better and have completed a minimum of 100 laps driving experience. If your driver has not met this minimum standard it is encouraged that you get your laps in prior to the event and please contact us directly to discuss your individual situation.

There will be ample track time that will include lead/follow sessions, specific on-track driving exercises, track walks each day, open lapping sessions and more.

They need a kart and all the safety equipment, as well as an able and enthusiastic parent to be present throughout the program for each family of drivers participating.  They will be responsible for their own kart maintenance as well as providing on-track supervision when the karts are running.

Although beverages will be provided each day, for the first 2 days participants will be responsible for their own meal arrangements. We will bring in pizza for lunch on the 3rd day.

Due to the speed and age differences we cannot incorporate Bambino (Kid) karts into this program.

This program will include a hands-on technical session for parents conducted by Junior Dad and Club President Frank Sartor. Frank will run through the fundamentals of kart preparation with information that most newcomers to the sport will find very useful.

The most benefit would be for the newer drivers, however there will be much information that will be shared that will certainly benefit more experienced drivers too. We will also need experienced Junior drivers to act as mentors & lead follow drivers.

This program is open to licensed drivers from outside Calgary as well ( i.e. EDKRA) who will also find benefit in this, as well as a chance to learn the track prior to the Alberta Challenge. We will operate this program in the counter clockwise direction.

*** BONUS *** Each Registered participant of this program will receive one pre-paid entry credit to any CKRC race event in 2018.

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