President’s Update April 2020

Hi Racers,

Well I’m tired of constantly hearing bad news so today I’m sharing some good news!

  1. Our membership numbers are now at an incredible 160! – a fantastic thank you to all our supporters during this Covid-19 Pandemic.
  2. We will be going ahead with major track improvements during the month of May, since the AB government has not lifted the over 15 person gathering ban and subsequently all on track activity is still closed.
  3. Track improvements will be as follows: (All done in a Covid-19 safe manner)
    1. – Modifying and repaving the hairpin turns #11 & #13 – will be able to gear down all the classes by at least one tooth.
    2. – Leveling out the braking zone in turn 11.
    3. – Leveling out turn 14,
    4. – Leveling out the bumps on the front straight, top straight and back straight.
    5. – Mill out and fill all the track cracks.
    6. – New curbing on exist of turns 14 & 8 – CCW
    7. – Repair drain in infield hairpin #11
    8. – Pave the pit runner off the trolley park
    9. – Fill and patch the low spot in the trolley park kart exit – currently a water trap.
    10. – Replace all tire barriers with the new RB1500 plastic barriers.
    11. – Landscape the area adjacent to the food area with new Paving stones from the pit runner to the grandstand, raise and reseed that low area.

We are living in unprecedented times with this Covid-19 Pandemic. The fluidity of changing dynamics makes it difficult to plan our future. The CKRC Executive will try our best to manage through this situation. Our overlying aim is to maintain Covid-19 rules and regulations as mandated by our Federal, Provincial and local governments and provide our members with as many services as possible.


Facility Access

The CKRC facility is closed to the general Public until further notice.


All CKRC on track activities for May are suspended. We will review late May and make a decision for May Track activities that follow government rules. This includes all scheduled Races, T&T, Kid Kart, Bambino, Formula KK, AMRA, Mottards, and any other events.


Access to the Parking/Paddock is still available for Paid up members to access their trailers or Sea Cans.


All persons entering the CKRC facility must follow current Alberta Public Health orders, that link is Alberta Government Covid-19 Link – they include social distancing, not having any Covid-19 symptoms and many other restrictions as listed on the Alberta government web site.  It is your responsibility to keep up to date on the changing health regulations. Any member whom does not follow these guidelines will have their memberships suspended and will be reported to the authorities.


2020 Season

The executive is currently working on providing Covid-19 approved track access. Subject to government regulations that may include private scheduled time slots for test & tune, Supervised Test and Tune sessions limited small group (currently 15 or less)


If more races are cancelled, we may be able to reschedule latter on the year.


Stay Safe

Franco Sartor

President CKRC

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